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Halting problem ? Ha!

Halting problem ? Ha!

Posted Feb 15, 2008 0:06 UTC (Fri) by ms (subscriber, #41272)
In reply to: Halting problem ? Ha! by lysse
Parent article: vmsplice(): the making of a local root exploit

No, nix wasn't joking. If you use C++ templates and limit yourself to numbers then it really
is turing complete. Haskell, with the right flags (undecidable instances and overlapping
instances) is also Turing complete. Cayenne is deliberately so and many people are now really
thinking that it's just better to permit Turing completeness and let the programmer take

The alternative is more like what Epigram is looking at (amongst others) where you limit
recursion to on the structure of terms and prevent infinite structures. That way, you can
still guarantee termination. I fear we may now be some way from the original issue though ;)

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Halting problem ? Ha!

Posted Feb 15, 2008 21:48 UTC (Fri) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

I used the wrong terms, really. What Haskell, Cayenne and Qi provide over 
C++ is (radically) greater *expressiveness*. The syntax of Qi type 
definitions is especially strange, but it's a hell of a lot saner than 
trying to define anything complicated using C++ templates.

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