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Memory management notifiers

Memory management notifiers

Posted Jan 30, 2008 0:49 UTC (Wed) by roelofs (guest, #2599)
In reply to: Memory management notifiers by giraffedata
Parent article: Memory management notifiers

But what the article doesn't say is why a guest kernel would be interested.

Seems like primarily a performance issue to me. If the guest kernel doesn't know when its "RAM" is really swap, it's not going to be able to manage its memory as effectively as it might like. For example, it might be able to predict memory-usage patterns where the host kernel can't. Wasn't there a recent article(s) about a patch to do speculative read-in of swapped-out memory, specifically for the use-case where some automated overnight process pushes out OpenOffice/Firefox/etc., causing the user significant delays upon his/her return in the morning? (Perhaps even one of Con Kolivas' patches?)


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