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link fingerprints

link fingerprints

Posted Jan 4, 2008 23:32 UTC (Fri) by roelofs (guest, #2599)
In reply to: The backdooring of SquirrelMail by gerv
Parent article: The backdooring of SquirrelMail

I've been proposing this for some years now - - and we even got as far as a draft RFC but it received a chilly reception from the IETF. :-(

Why stop with the IETF? This clearly falls equally under the W3C's purvue--at least, if you consider implementing it as additional attributes to the anchor tag rather than welding it to URI syntax. It seems like an almost ideal XHTML or HTML4.x addition.


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link fingerprints

Posted Jan 5, 2008 12:18 UTC (Sat) by gerv (subscriber, #3376) [Link]

I wanted to make it part of the URI syntax because then it could be used even in non-HTML
contexts - for example, in plain-text emails. But yes, perhaps if that's not going to be
achievable, we could get a significant proportion of the benefits by going via WHAT-WG or W3C
and adding a new attribute to HTML.


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