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Posted Dec 19, 2007 3:39 UTC (Wed) by ikm (subscriber, #493)
In reply to: offtopic by njs
Parent article: On entropy and randomness

Yay! Thanks. You're right -- I've never thought too much about the use of RNGs outside
Monte-Carlos and such, and the properties you've mentioned can mean a lot more than typical
equidistribution/period requirements in other contexts indeed.

I'll go dig the links you've provided. Thanks again, your help is much appreciated.

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Posted Dec 20, 2007 17:57 UTC (Thu) by njs (guest, #40338) [Link]

Cool, glad to help.  Have fun!

(If you really want to get into this, I also highly recommend Ferguson and Schneier's
/Practical Cryptography/.  /Applied Cryptography/ is better known, but it's all like "so in
RSA you use modular arithmetic on primes in the following way" while /Practical Cryptography/
is all like "so if for some reason you want to reinvent SSL, here are the design trade-offs
you have to decide about, and here are the subtle bugs you're going to put in that will break

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