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ITU getting serious about botnets

ITU getting serious about botnets

Posted Dec 7, 2007 3:51 UTC (Fri) by okeydoke (guest, #46751)
In reply to: ITU getting serious about botnets by brouhaha
Parent article: ITU getting serious about botnets

Hi. I wrote the botnet mitigation toolkit.  You might want to read it leaving normal
assumptions about ITU standards processes out of this .. this is an ITU-D effort (read:
development and "capacity building").

There are lots of people from the network operator community (NANOG / IETF / IAB regulars, as
well as large ISPs) who have agreed to help out in the technical part - in fact, the toolkit
cites several RFCs, as well as data from an IAB workshop.

In this context, what you have is a UN agency that is putting money and resources into a
project that tries to get several different groups that are already working on botnet related
issues (from a technical, as well as from policy and social work perspectives) to coordinate,
work together etc. And it also tries to field test a whole lot of concepts and best practices
that were mostly developed in US and canadian ISPs, in what may well be a rather different
operating environment. [Yes, most of it wont change but there will be a few things that need
to change, and work differently..]


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