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Kernel release status

The current 2.6 prepatch is 2.6.24-rc3, released by Linus on November 16. Along with a lot of fixes it contains support for newer I/OAT devices and a patch marking the PID namespace feature as "experimental." See the short-form changelog for a list of patches, or the full changelog for the details.

As of this writing, a very small number of post-rc3 fixes has been merged into the mainline git repository.

The current stable 2.6 release is, released on November 16. A couple of days earlier, Greg Kroah-Hartman had started a new stable update review with this note:

Ok, I've been slacking on the -stable front for a bit here, and didn't realize how far behind I've gotten. Everyone has been sending patches in, which is great, but now we are facing a HUGE 114 patch release.

As a way of making life easier for reviewers, he split those patches into several distinct chunks, each of which has now come out as a stable release. So we have (core kernel changes), (architecture-specific fixes), (networking), (network drivers), (other drivers), (filesystems), and (security fixes - but note that there are security-related fixes in the other updates too). The update, featuring 29 patches, is in the review process currently.

For older kernels: was released on November 16 with (only) security fixes. The release, with a couple dozen fixes, is in the review process as of this writing.

For ancient kernels: was released on November 17 with a handful of fixes. 2.4.36-pre2 was also released with many of the same fixes.

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