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Using LMKL

Using LMKL

Posted Nov 16, 2007 2:02 UTC (Fri) by nevets (subscriber, #11875)
Parent article: Various topics related to kernel quality

Being one of the developers for the -rt patch, we have always maintained that we want our
development on LKML. We've had a few developers ask us to go away and start our own list.
Because a lot of problems we find with the -rt patch end up being a bad design or hard to hit
bug in mainline, we always pushed back to keep our development on LKML.

We now have a linux-rt-users mailing list. Although it is suppose to be for rt users, we also
have our development emails go back and forth there too. But one thing that I (and others) try
to do, is to CC both that list and LKML on anything related to the kernel development of the
-rt patch. This keeps those only on LKML informed, as well as those that look at the much
lesser traffic linux-rt-users (which I can actually keep up on).

Perhaps other subsystems should do the same. That is to CC the LKML with their discussions to
development. Who knows, they may get some good ideas from those outside of their development
circles. I know the -rt patch development certainly has!

-- Steve

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