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2007 Linux and free software timeline: December

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Note to Red Hat: this is open source, remember? Novell is shipping tested and enterprise-hardened Linux with real time capabilities. Just because Red Hat is again late to market (see enterprise Linux desktop, Xen virtualization, etc.) doesn't mean Linux contains "beta code."

-- Novell's Kevan Barney

CentOS 5.1 is released (announcement).

Red Hat Enterprise MRG, a realtime enterprise distribution, is released (announcement).

The qmail source is placed in the public domain (new distribution terms).

The KDE 4.0 release is pushed back into January (

The MPAA gets a takedown notice after posting GPL-licensed code without source (ars technica).

Ted Ts'o joins the Linux Foundation as its "chief platform strategist" for the next two years (announcement).

If you are passionate about the use of Ogg Theora and <video> one of the best things you can do is start using it. Do compelling demos. Release video in Theora format. It may be easy to use a service that provides video for you in exchange for giving them certain rights but if you want your format to succeed, then increased usage is the way.

-- Chris Double

Ogg Theora is dropped from the proposed HTML5 specification (article).

The Busybox developers launch a GPL-enforcement suit against Verizon (announcement).

Fedora leader Max Spevack announces his intention to move on (announcement).

Movable Type is released under GPLv2, arguably a few years too late (announcement).

Further investigations show that the modifications to the code should have little to no impact at this time. Modifications seemed to be based around a PHP global variable which we cannot track down. The changes made will most likely generate an error, rather than a compromise of a system in the event the code does get executed

-- SquirrelMail developers engage in wishful thinking

The SquirrelMail source distribution is backdoored by an unknown attacker (article).

The OpenBSD community goes ballistic over Richard Stallman's refusal to recommend that system (article).

NetBSD 4.0 is released (announcement).

The BusyBox developers settle their suit against Xterasys (press release).

Matthew Szulik steps down as CEO of Red Hat (letter from Matthew).

Here's to a merry christmas, doing the whole druidic festival around the tree thing.

-- Linus Torvalds

The Samba team gets access to Microsoft's protocol documents (announcement).

Perl 5.10 is released, "the first major upgrade ... in over five years" (announcement).

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