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2007 Linux and free software timeline: March

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This is like alcoholism. If you cannot admit that you might have a problem, you'll never get anywhere. And quite frankly, the RSDL proponents seem to be in denial ("we're always better", "it's your problem if the old scheduler works better", "just one report of old scheduler being better").

-- Linus Torvalds

WordPress 2.1.1 is revealed to contain a backdoor which opened deployed systems to attackers (advisory).

Con Kolivas posts the Rotating Staircase Deadline Scheduler, to initially good reviews (coverage).

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 is released.

[Gentoo] The Gentoo Council adopts a code of conduct in the hope of improving the environment on its mailing lists (announcement).

GNOME 2.18 is released (announcement).

The free swfdec Flash player plays Youtube videos (coverage).

I believe that open source projects are no different from businesses or any other kind of organization in that to get any meaningful work done, there has to be strong leadership. That leadership has to be empowered to make decisions even when those decisions are unpopular. I think that's part of the reason why Ubuntu has done well: there is a strong leader, and that strong is empowered.

-- Ian Murdock

Debian founder Ian Murdock joins Sun Microsystems to help position OpenSolaris (announcement).

Fortran creator John Backus dies (obituary).

The GNOME Foundation becomes a Software Freedom Law Center client (announcement).

The third GPLv3 discussion draft is posted (draft).

The Beryl and Compiz projects agree to merge, ending a sometimes hostile fork (coverage).

Ted Ts'o wins the FSF award for the advancement of free software (announcement).

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