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Smarter write throttling

Smarter write throttling

Posted Nov 7, 2007 13:48 UTC (Wed) by mangoo (guest, #32602)
In reply to: Smarter write throttling by gat3way
Parent article: Smarter write throttling

This patch is more about servers than desktops.

This is a server with 1700 MB RAM, and it does quite a bit of IO:

# while true; do grep Dirty /proc/meminfo ; sleep 2s ; done
Dirty:          172404 kB
Dirty:          173100 kB
Dirty:          173332 kB
Dirty:          173260 kB
Dirty:          173692 kB
Dirty:          173684 kB
Dirty:          173724 kB
Dirty:          174256 kB
Dirty:          174772 kB
Dirty:          175120 kB

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Smarter write throttling

Posted Jan 8, 2008 12:00 UTC (Tue) by richlv (guest, #49844) [Link]

wouldn't this also be significantly about desktops ?
it seems the grandparent was talking about local disks only, even though article explicitly
mentions other use cases like nfs over gprs :) ).

desktops tend to have all kinds of relatively slow things connected to them - usb drives,
cameras, portable players, all kinds of slow network stuff...
if i understood the idea correctly, these could theoretically block/limit local hdd, which
would otherwise be the fastest device in an average desktop.

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