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Lack of OpenID consumers

Lack of OpenID consumers

Posted Nov 1, 2007 2:59 UTC (Thu) by bignose (subscriber, #40)
Parent article: OpenID 2.0 closing in on acceptance

Indeed, there is a painful lack of sites willing to consume an OpenID for authentication. (I
agree that it would be a marvellous feature for LWN to do so.)

> So far, though, other than the LiveJournal [...] and Digg,

If Digg accepts OpenID logins, I can't find it. The only login form on Digg that I can find
demands a username and password, as before.

> there just aren't that many sites where OpenID can be used.

The <> OpenID Site Directory lists many sites and services
where you can log in with your OpenID.

It's harder to retrofit OpenID login to a site that has already built its authentication
system around usernames and password than it is to simply build it in from scratch to a
service while developing it the first time. So the sites that were *already* popular before
OpenID became popular will have a much harder time integrating OpenID login, and so will be
slower to adopt it.

Some existing services that have taken the plunge anyway include <> general
pastebin, <> Plaxo, <>
Technorati, <> Wikitravel.

The result of this is that many of the best OpenID-login services are those that were built
around the time OpenID was being promoted (and thus are younger and less well-known than
comparable services): <> Ma.gnolia, <> Simpy,
<> Pibb, <> Moodstr, <> Jyte,
<> Zooomr, <> microPledge, <>
Issues Done, <> Ticket Everything.

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