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Posted Oct 26, 2007 22:28 UTC (Fri) by MarkSeger (guest, #35422)
In reply to: Wow! by AnswerGuy
Parent article: ELC: How much memory are applications really using?

Clearly this will all be a good thing and even though the memory stats aren't perfect, you CAN
look at memory and any other stats you want with the tool I build called collectl, which you
can get at

Collectl allows to to gather just about any of the major system performance metrics and
display then side-by-side or in more deal on multiple lines.  There's even a format that
allows you to put it in a format understandable by gnuplot.  Here's a simple example of just
looking at memory and disk

#free buff cach inac slab  map KBRead  Reads  KBWrit Writes
  55M 552M   2G 532M    0    0      0      0       0      0
  55M 552M   2G 532M    0    0      0      0     220      6
  55M 552M   2G 532M    0    0      0      0       0      0

but there are far too many combinations to even try.  Check it out and see what you think.

btw - I chose to leave off time in the output above to save screen real estate but you can
easily add it in with a simple switch and if you want even more details, can include msec!
Why is this important?  Because collectl can run at sub-second intervals and if you care about
network stats and don't monitor at an interval of 0.9765 you'll lose accuracy.  If you don't
think that's true, I have a page on the website that goes into the details.


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Posted Oct 27, 2007 0:10 UTC (Sat) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

What a scarily useful-looking tool. Thank *you*.

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