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Small correction

Small correction

Posted Oct 1, 2007 21:26 UTC (Mon) by epa (subscriber, #39769)
In reply to: Small correction by khim
Parent article: Memory part 2: CPU caches

That may be true, as long as you are restricted to building your circuit in two dimensions... who is to say we won't discover a way to build integrated circuits in a sphere rather than on a flat wafer?

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Small correction

Posted Oct 1, 2007 23:20 UTC (Mon) by quotemstr (subscriber, #45331) [Link]

Consider the heat dissipation issues of using a sphere.

Spherical chip design

Posted Oct 2, 2007 2:14 UTC (Tue) by pr1268 (subscriber, #24648) [Link]

Just a thought: implement an array of liquid-cooling jackets. It's worked for years in diesel- and gasoline-powered internal combustion engines.

Hope it doesn't spring a leak! ;-)

Small correction-already in the works...

Posted Oct 2, 2007 0:20 UTC (Tue) by vomlehn (subscriber, #45588) [Link]

There was an article in SlashDot not too long ago (sorry, don't have the reference) about IBM being about to use metal vias (essentially, vertical wiring) for building what are basically 3D chips. This will allow memory to be much closer to the processor, for a given amount of memory. There will, of course, be heat dissipation problems galore.

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