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Posted Sep 10, 2007 23:52 UTC (Mon) by pr1268 (subscriber, #24648)
In reply to: Dreamworks by joedrew
Parent article: KS2007: The customer panel

> They don't use Linux because it's Free Software, they use it because it's free software.

That's an interesting perspective. It didn't initially occur to me that Dreamworks' server farms of thousands of computers would pose an enormous expense just for the operating system licensing alone, had they decided to use a proprietary OS. Not to mention that certain OSes charge license fees based on the number of physical CPUs per server, or by the number of incoming connections (I won't mention any names).

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Posted Sep 12, 2007 1:13 UTC (Wed) by landley (subscriber, #6789) [Link]

There are historical reasons as well. Don't forget that Silicon Graphics
was a Unix shop (VAX through Irix), and SGI discontinued Irix in favor of
Linux at the start of the decade.

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