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Add iwlwifi wireless drivers

From:  Zhu Yi <>
Subject:  [PATCH V3] Add iwlwifi wireless drivers
Date:  Tue, 04 Sep 2007 11:04:17 +0800
Message-ID:  <>
Cc:  "John W.Linville" <>
Archive-link:  Article


This is the third version of the patch (against 2.6.23-rc4) adds
the mac80211 based wireless drivers for the Intel PRO/Wireless
3945ABG/BG Network Connection and Intel Wireless WiFi Link AGN (4965)
adapters. You can find it from:

I list the changes against the last version I submitted to the list last
week in case you have reviewed the previous version and only want to see
the diff. You can find the overall patch here:

In this version, we replace the "comiple iwl-base.c twice for two
drivers" scheme with separating the two drivers into two code base. In
the future, we will abstract a common layer for all the iwl based
drivers and make it a separate module for better maintenance.

Note, the #include "../net/mac80211/ieee80211_rate.h" still existed in
this version of the driver. We are discussing how to abstract the
mac80211 rate scaling interface in another thread in this ML.

Signed-off-by: Zhu Yi <>

Adrian Bunk (1):
      iwl-base.c bugfixes

Ben Cahill (3):
      iwlwifi: unify definitions (3945/4965) of struct
      iwlwifi: remove unused definitions in iwl-4965-hw.h
      iwlwifi: move 4965 Rx API stuff into iwl-commands.h

Mohamed Abbas (2):
      iwlwifi: fix assert when calling LinkQuality command
      iwlwifi: fix aggregation tx status

Tomas Winkler (14):
      iwlwifi: kill legacy fields from iwl_cmd_meta
      iwlwifi: kill __iwl_send_cmd
      iwlwifi: add file iwl-prph.h
      iwlwifi: CSR registers cleanup
      iwlwifi: add Makefile sparse target
      iwlwifi: iwl_mac_conf_tx remove casting to restricted
      iwlwifi: setting RAxTID endianity fix
      iwlwifi: AP setup qos and tx_conf bug fix
      iwlwifi: move defines from iwl-4965.c to iwl-commands.h
      iwlwifi: remove unnecessary condition check
      iwlwifi: fixing LQ command changes in AP mode
      iwlwifi: FAT channel bug fix for zero relevant bits
      iwlwifi: Control channel fix for FAT channel
      iwlwifi: move APMG registers to Periphery section

Zhu Yi (4):
      iwlwifi: make "ipw going down" debug message depends on
      iwlwifi: fix IBSS connection problem caused by LinkQuality cmd
      iwlwifi: Update version iwl-base.c stamp to 0.1.14
      iwlwifi: move macros defines from *.c to *.h
ian (1):
      avoid kernel oops in monitor mode with debug enabled

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