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KS2007: Kernel quality

KS2007: Kernel quality

Posted Sep 6, 2007 12:37 UTC (Thu) by smitty_one_each (subscriber, #28989)
Parent article: KS2007: Kernel quality

>Ted Ts'o said that once upon a time, ten years ago, we cared about our bug-free kernel and would help users with problems. It is kind of sad that we no longer have that attitude. In response it was pointed out that the volume of users (and their bug reports) has increased greatly, and that the level of technical knowledge held by our users is now much lower. As Alan Cox put it, ten years ago every user had a screwdriver and most of them did not have the case on their computer.

As the size and complexity of the codebase has gone up, has the community done an adequate job to ensure that 'technical knowlegde' is imparted to the wannabees (like me)?

Thanks to the likes of Steve French and Greg KH for putting in the time to break things down to the crayon level. More of that, please.

There is a certain nietzschean charm in staring at a kernel tree as if it were an elaborate kitted sweater and asking: 'OK, where is the end of this thing?'. However, if bringing in more developers to improve the project is a goal, then work like Landley's on the documentation is of paramount importance.

As a suggestion, take the setup code and explain it in nauseating detail. If you can envision the genesis of the kernel as it boots, you have a good model.

Another thing that would really help *a lot* would be to integrate the LXR project into kbuild as a new target. Not a perl jockey, I haven't gotten around to making LXR actually work, but I see where it would lower the impedence to studying the code.

Maybe in a couple of years I'll have learned enough to do more and talk less. Thanks.

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KS2007: Kernel quality

Posted Sep 10, 2007 15:16 UTC (Mon) by riel (subscriber, #3142) [Link]

What kind of content are you looking for on LWN or on the Linux Kernel Newbies site?

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