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Leave MS out of the game

Leave MS out of the game

Posted Aug 24, 2007 14:33 UTC (Fri) by sstein (guest, #15028)
In reply to: Leave MS out of the game by jake
Parent article: The Skype outage

> the only word that might be seen as an indictment of Microsoft would seem to be "monocultural" ... even that isn't their fault, though they have worked hard to make it true.

Well, you implicitly refer in the following sentence to MS:

> It does, however, give one pause about the power of the near-monoculture in desktop operating systems.

The paragraph below this sentence explains why this couldn't happen to Linux, so you contrast Linux to near-monoculture. The problem is not the monoculture but that MS is using a fixed regular date for updates. So if Ubuntu decides to introduce also a regular update cycle, it could cause the same problem. It is not a problem related to MS.


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Leave MS out of the game

Posted Aug 30, 2007 12:22 UTC (Thu) by Cato (subscriber, #7643) [Link]

To take your scenario of 'Ubuntu introducing a regular update cycle', here's why it would not have the same effect:

1. The vast majority of Ubuntu updates don't require a system reboot (only kernel/driver updates)

2. In the absence of reboots, and assuming an always-on Skype client, only a Skype client update could cause a mass of Skype nodes to disappear and re-connect.

So even if Ubuntu or some other distro became a monoculture as popular as Windows and went for regular update cycles (rather than its current day-by-day updates), it wouldn't have the same effect on the population of connected Skype clients.

It's not fair to blame Microsoft for this outage, but it is reasonable to point out that the monthly reboot cycle due to Windows Update is a factor in stepping on this Skype bug, and that even a monoculture of a single Linux distro would not have had the same impact.

Leave MS out of the game

Posted Sep 6, 2007 16:39 UTC (Thu) by sstein (guest, #15028) [Link]

Again, the outage was forced by restarting the Skype client and not rebooting Windows. If all Skype users were using Linux, the same would have happened. It is not related to Windows at all.


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