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What about DRBD?

What about DRBD?

Posted Aug 23, 2007 19:38 UTC (Thu) by Felix_the_Mac (guest, #32242)
In reply to: What about DRBD? by osma
Parent article: Distributed storage

I had been looking forward to DRBD being submitted and eventually included in the kernel, since I am planning to implement it at work this year.

However it looks to me (and you should take anything I say with a pinch of salt) like this proposal is going to lead to the common situation where there are 2 proposed ways of achieving some functionality.

This generally leads to a drawn out process in which each proposal is repeatedly modified and criticised until the weight of opinion causes one to be accepted or the other to give up and go home.

This may cause difficulty for the DRBD developers since they have an existing installed base of users and this may prevent them undertaking major redesigns/rewrites.

One hopes and expects that at the end of the day the kernel will end up with the best designed solution.

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