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timerfd() and system call review

timerfd() and system call review

Posted Aug 20, 2007 5:20 UTC (Mon) by landley (subscriber, #6789)
In reply to: timerfd() and system call review by mkerrisk
Parent article: timerfd() and system call review

You didn't follow the saga of my attempts to document the subset of sysfs
used to populate /dev. Responses I got included:

A) Contradictory information from different developers.
B) Corrections consisting of "that's wrong" with no hint about the
approved way to do it.
C) Being repeatedly told I was an idiot and not worth their time.
D) Questioning why anyone would want to document this when someone's
already written a program using it.
E) Being repeatedly told "there is no stable API", I.E. outright
resistance to documenting this area because they didn't want to lose the
freedom to change it on a whim.

I also got some useful information, but both of the developers I need to
talk to are essentially spam-blocking me now. Oh well.

Also, although development and debugging parallelize just fine, editorial
functions don't. This is why you generally don't have multiple
maintainers whose jurisdictions overlap unless there's a clear hierarchy
of who reports to who. Writing documentation to be read by end users has
a significant editorial function.


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