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Does noatime imply nodiratime?

Does noatime imply nodiratime?

Posted Aug 9, 2007 20:39 UTC (Thu) by corbet (editor, #1)
In reply to: Does noatime imply nodiratime? by tarvin
Parent article: Once upon atime

Yep, I'm sure. When in doubt, use the source. From touch_atime() in fs/inode.c:

void touch_atime(struct vfsmount *mnt, struct dentry *dentry)
        /* ... */
        if (inode->i_flags & S_NOATIME)
        if (IS_NOATIME(inode))
        if ((inode->i_sb->s_flags & MS_NODIRATIME) && S_ISDIR(inode->i_mode))

So if NOATIME is set, the NODIRATIME flag is never even checked.

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Does noatime imply nodiratime?

Posted Aug 10, 2007 6:41 UTC (Fri) by tarvin (subscriber, #4412) [Link]

OK. I've been using noatime systematically for years. And then I read about a prominent kernel developer like Molnar using both noatime and nodiratime, making me worried: Have I been missing out on I/O-performance for years?

- But your definite statement is comforting, thanks. I'll keep using just "noatime".

Does noatime imply nodiratime?

Posted Aug 10, 2007 14:26 UTC (Fri) by jzbiciak (subscriber, #5246) [Link]

Actually, Andrew Morton actually corrected Ingo on this point:
From: Andrew Morton 
To:	Ingo Molnar 
Subject: Re: [PATCH 00/23] per device dirty throttling -v8
Date:	Sun, 5 Aug 2007 00:29:34 -0700

On Sun, 5 Aug 2007 09:21:41 +0200 Ingo Molnar [email blocked] wrote:

> even on a noatime,nodiratime filesystem

noatime is a superset of nodiratime, btw.
I trust Andrew on this point. :-)

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