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Posted Aug 9, 2007 15:43 UTC (Thu) by Baylink (guest, #755)
In reply to: Distraction by jmorris42
Parent article: Securing our votes

> If the people running the election have half a clue and can be trusted you will get a result that is accurate enough for the purpose with paper, punch cards or the most insecure Dibold machine. And if you don't have reliable and trustworthy people running the election you won't get an accurate result. Period, full stop.

Unfortunately, no, that's actually factually incorrect.

If the people running the election are honest, and even the people buying the machines are honest... but the people *making* the machines have promised "to deliver the State of Ohio for President Bush" (*actual quote* from a Diebold exec who was also the state party reelection chairman; look it up), then it doesn't *matter* that those local people are honest.

Paper, punch cards, yes. That Diebold machine. Unh-uh.

Alas, *lots* of people believe as you do.

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