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Paper sizes

Paper sizes

Posted Jul 26, 2007 20:22 UTC (Thu) by ringerc (subscriber, #3071)
In reply to: A Tokyo trip report by Max.Hyre
Parent article: A Tokyo trip report

It's easy to proportionally scale US Letter documents to A4 and makes little difference to their readability. I deal with US Letter documents all the time and while I find them quite annoying it's not much fuss to work with them really.

The way every application and operating system requires you to change the paper size in three to eight different places, on the other hand, when you've already set "Australia" (or whatever) during the install... now that drives me nuts.

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Paper sizes

Posted Jul 26, 2007 20:31 UTC (Thu) by evgeny (guest, #774) [Link]

> it's not much fuss to work with them really.

Depends on the printer. All Xerox Phasers are extremely picky about page size; when it gets a request for a paper size that that isn't in its tray, it asks to load the corresponding media in the manual tray, and there is no way to force it to use A4 instead...

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