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A Tokyo trip report

A Tokyo trip report

Posted Jul 19, 2007 10:37 UTC (Thu) by evgeny (guest, #774)
In reply to: A Tokyo trip report by pcampe
Parent article: A Tokyo trip report

> 200 years from now, we have real-time, multi-language, inch-size translators, so won't be the need for a global language, an impoverishment from the cultural diversity and richness we have now with many different languages with millions of books and documents written.

If these "real-time, multi-language, inch-size translators" are so good, the "millions of books" would be translated with no problem.

> If I can say, I've noted that a very tiny part of american people care about speaking a foreign language

People are lazy; true for any nationality/locality. Americans are lucky to be born in a country where the native language is (as of today, at least) the least common denominator in science and business.

> so they underestimate the difficult for a non-english speaking person to use another language for everyday's work

Don't envy ;-). The more people learn English today, the sooner your dream of "inch-size translators" will become reality...

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