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Package management in Gentoo Linux

Package management in Gentoo Linux

Posted Jul 6, 2007 19:56 UTC (Fri) by dberkholz (guest, #23346)
In reply to: Package management in Gentoo Linux by cventers
Parent article: Package management in Gentoo Linux

Great suggestions!

- It needs to do more than just ldd, so it can handle all types of languages. For example, Perl or Python modules need to get handled a bit smarter. Various people have worked a little on this problem, but nobody in Gentoo has done a good job of finishing it.

- The ebuild cache as it exists now is a little subpar. You've got the current ebuild in /var/db/pkg/, or you can look in the CVS Attic via your anoncvs checkout or

- I really like the transactional idea.

- Some other possibilities do exist for updating your config files such as dispatch-conf, conf-update, cfg-update (all of which are part of Portage itself or in the main Portage tree) or the new etc-proposals (sunrise overlay). Try 'em out.

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