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What about USB networking devices?

What about USB networking devices?

Posted Jul 5, 2007 5:43 UTC (Thu) by HalfMoon (guest, #3211)
In reply to: What about USB networking devices? by rankincj
Parent article: Eliminating tasklets

All networking drivers, USB or otherwise, hand packets off to be processed in a network tasklet. So no matter what that particular device's driver does, most of the work is already done in a tasklet.

If that USB networking device uses the "usbnet" framework, it won't do much at all in hardirq context. That driver just queues its RX packets to its own tasklet, then immediately resubmits the URB with a new skbuff. (And then the bulk-IN callback can be called immediately with the next packet. For high speed devices, it's quite realistic to get multiple back-to-back packets like that.) So: only "usb stuff" is done in hardirq context, and all the network stuff is done in a tasklet.

There are other USB network drivers which work differently, mostly older drivers for older chips ... thing is, to get the best throughput on a USB network device you need to maintain a queue of packets in the hardware, and only the usbnet framework does that.

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