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Counting vulnerabilities

Counting vulnerabilities

Posted Jun 25, 2007 11:55 UTC (Mon) by Randakar (guest, #27808)
In reply to: Counting vulnerabilities by smoogen
Parent article: Counting vulnerabilities

Heh. That's not even the whole story; A few days ago I saw a site reporting that Microsoft is SILENTLY FIXING security vulnerabilities; As in, not reporting them at all - just fixing them without telling anyone.*

So any study based on "official vulnerabilities" falls down right there. If the vendor isn't even honest about it there is no way in hell the numbers will tell us anything about the actual security provided when you run their OS.

*) I don't remember where I saw it though - If somebody could post the link that'd be kind.

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Counting vulnerabilities

Posted Jun 25, 2007 14:14 UTC (Mon) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

But everyone does that.

To be specific: everyone quietly fixes bugs which *might potentially* be considered security vulnerabilities, if just because they don't realise that they're vulnerabilities at the time they fix them.

You don't need to be nefarious to do that.

(Equally, known vulnerabilities in unreleased or released-as-development versions of free software are often fixed without formal vulnerability announcements, on the basis that anyone who was bitable by this bug is going to be upgrading often anyway, or why else would they be running a development release?)

Counting vulnerabilities

Posted Jun 28, 2007 16:45 UTC (Thu) by amikins (guest, #451) [Link]

I think the allegation here is more to the effect of patching installed versions without any notification that there is an issue or that the system is updating itself.
I haven't seen anything to that effect, but then I avoid learning anything about Vista when I can.. It just infuriates me.

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