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Minimizing packages

Minimizing packages

Posted Jun 23, 2007 9:00 UTC (Sat) by pcampe (guest, #28223)
In reply to: Minimizing packages by mattdm
Parent article: Counting vulnerabilities

>But why are you putting *any* desktop environment on your server?

You need to install Oracle (I haven't done this in the last 2 years, so maybe I'm wrong, but for sure there are server programs that you could install/use/monitor only with a graphical interface, and for security, licenses, performance reasons you can't work from a remote workstation, eve if "remote" means "in the same LAN").

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Minimizing packages

Posted Jun 23, 2007 18:36 UTC (Sat) by AJWM (guest, #15888) [Link]

> You need to install Oracle

Oracle is _horrible_ as far as that goes. One of our customers runs some Oracle reporting apps that _require_ X Windows to be running (and with xhost+ to the other servers that use the reporting app). Yeah, we can configure Xvfb to do the job, but it's a pain. All this so the Oracle app can do some font rasterizing or something.

Other "management" apps are just as bad, requiring a graphic or browser interface (hello, SANsurfer) to do anything useful. Try that when your server is in a private (10.x.x.x) LAN that requires a couple of intervening ssh servers to get to. Yes, it can be done by setting up the right ssh tunnelling, but it's a pain in the butt compared to command line (and scriptable!) access.

Even amongst the apps in a single distro that DO permit an alternate command line mode, it's inconsistent. up2date-nox vs printconf-tui, anyone?

Okay, rant off.

Minimizing packages

Posted Jun 25, 2007 14:38 UTC (Mon) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

It's not even font rasterizing. The thing's getting font metrics and that's all.

(Client-side fonts, guys?)

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