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Fun with file descriptors

Fun with file descriptors

Posted Jun 12, 2007 15:23 UTC (Tue) by shane (subscriber, #3335)
In reply to: Fun with file descriptors by daney
Parent article: Fun with file descriptors

The problem being is that if you use a mutex to protect a blocking read, you can not interrupt it by closing the file descriptor as the thread calling close would block on the mutex.

Yes, this is a tricky problem.

You can create a file descriptor that you can "wake" the blocking thread and then use select() or poll(). You can use a pipe for this (of course you have to be careful to handle closing the pipe then).

You can also use a condition variable for the reader, and a separate thread checking for input that signals the reader. A 3rd thread should be able to close the file descriptor, which should then return EBADF from it's select() or poll(). (I think...)

Sharing file descriptors between threads is indeed a pain in the ass though. Correct threaded programming is fairly difficult, it makes one wonder if maybe good old event-driven programming wasn't really the answer all along!

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