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UIO: user-space drivers

UIO: user-space drivers

Posted Jun 5, 2007 10:15 UTC (Tue) by hjkoch (guest, #45353)
In reply to: UIO: user-space drivers by nlucas
Parent article: UIO: user-space drivers

As one of the main authors of UIO I can tell you that license issues were
never an important topic in our discussions. Our judge and jury is Greg
Kroah-Hartman, who is certainly not in favor of proprietary drivers. Our
target audience are programmers in industry, who have to write a driver
for an exotic card that could never make it into mainline. They're neither
kernel experts nor do they write good code (they don't have the time).
With UIO, they can let somebody else write the 150 lines of kernel code,
which _has_ to be GPL, and the big part can be done in userspace, with the
same tools and knowledge needed for their application, anyway. Yes, in
userspace it's possible to choose a different license, but that's not
UIO's fault or intention. It's been like this since Linux exists.

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UIO: user-space drivers

Posted Jul 29, 2007 21:43 UTC (Sun) by vphirric (subscriber, #32877) [Link]

Hear hear -- and may I also add that there are lots of specialized little hardware widgets that need software control that simply do not present a character- or block- device paradigm. If your widget is some bizzare one-shot FPGA interface or the like, the existence of this kind of infrastructure is huge help. Thanks much!

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