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Can swap-in be improved?

Can swap-in be improved?

Posted May 24, 2007 14:43 UTC (Thu) by i3839 (guest, #31386)
In reply to: Can swap-in be improved? by MathFox
Parent article: On-demand readahead

More ram isn't necessary to avoid swapping. If you have swap usage you don't have a moderate desktop, but instead a decadent corpulent bloated desktop. That, or you're using something that needs hogs of memory, like video encoding apps, but that's beyond moderate too. I'm doing fine with 256 MB for years, and although ram is dirt cheap, I simply see no reason to buy more of it.

mgb: You might be interested in Con's swap prefetch.

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Can swap-in be improved?

Posted Jul 12, 2007 18:18 UTC (Thu) by xorbe (guest, #3165) [Link]

Yeah, but if you are not using an app, Linux throws out your program to cache more of your hard drive. Unavoidable.

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