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Critical Vulnerabilities in Samba

Critical Vulnerabilities in Samba

Posted May 18, 2007 2:51 UTC (Fri) by walters (subscriber, #7396)
In reply to: Critical Vulnerabilities in Samba by tialaramex
Parent article: Critical Vulnerabilities in Samba

And in any case, the one of the least useful things to do is pop up a dialog that says "Out of Memory [Ok]", even if you could.

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Critical Vulnerabilities in Samba

Posted May 18, 2007 13:12 UTC (Fri) by cortana (subscriber, #24596) [Link]

To be fair, that is preferable to what many Linux applications do: exit immediatly and silently, with no explanation.

Critical Vulnerabilities in Samba

Posted May 21, 2007 10:29 UTC (Mon) by dion (guest, #2764) [Link]


There are few things worse than applications that hang in stead of failing.

I'd much rather have the application crash so it can be restarted than have it wait for an operator to log in and manually shut it down.

Anything that could ever be automated must be able to crash rather than hang, so the "Application has run out of memory" dialog must be an external post-crash handler that can be turned off if not needed.

Granted, GUI applications that are 100% unscriptable might get away with assuming that there is a warm body in the chair in front of it, but I like to think those are few and far between.

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