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Scatterlist chaining

Scatterlist chaining

Posted May 17, 2007 17:51 UTC (Thu) by pj (subscriber, #4506)
Parent article: Scatterlist chaining

Are there performance comparison numbers with/without this change? How much of a speedup is it likely to be?

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Scatterlist chaining (performance)

Posted May 18, 2007 16:03 UTC (Fri) by nevyn (guest, #33129) [Link]

I was also interested in that. There doesn't seem to be any direct posting of perf. numbers, but it does hint at it indirectly (from

"""Performance wise, it's meant to help higher end hardware that need 2-4mb (or bigger) commands to get good performance. That also includes things like tapes that have big block sizes, getting a command of the right size there is the difference between good and abysmal performance."""

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