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Stability v. security fixes

Stability v. security fixes

Posted May 10, 2007 14:50 UTC (Thu) by uravanbob (guest, #4050)
In reply to: Stability v. security fixes by addw
Parent article: Stability v. security fixes

Actually, my industrial customers see ANY change as a requirement to recertify the software - this is of course very expensive. It is not always a completely rational view, but then it is their systems that they are making the decisions for. In this case we are talking about security fixes for problems that rate very low on the risk scale - security is very much a risk management game, so as long as RH makes these fixes available to those who feel they need it, I see no cause for complaints other than that RH is penalized in the counting game.

As a developer, it is very frustrating when a user wont apply a patch, however it is even more annoying when a 'minor - should not affect anything' change has major consequences because well, we're human and screwed up somewhere.

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Stability v. security fixes

Posted May 10, 2007 17:06 UTC (Thu) by dlang (subscriber, #313) [Link]

the complaint people are makeing is that RedHat didn't make these patches available for a long time (over a year in several cases)

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