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IPv6 source routing: history repeats itself

IPv6 source routing: history repeats itself

Posted May 3, 2007 10:09 UTC (Thu) by ekj (guest, #1524)
Parent article: IPv6 source routing: history repeats itself

That is overstating it. Political considerations certainly should play some role in some decisions that are also technical in nature.

For that matter, some considerations are of such a nature that its hard to say if they're political or technical.

Insisting on Open Source and/or Open Protocols, for example;

  • Is seen as advantageous by many countries who don't wish to be dependent on a (possibly hostile) foreign power for core parts of their infrastructure. This is a political consideration.
  • Lets you fix things yourself, or hire someone to, if the original vendor doesn't feel like it for whatever reason. Thats mostly a technical reason.
  • Some see it as preferable for moral reasons, which certainly ain't technical.

So, which is it ? And is it really true that the political reasons should be completely ignored ?

Raymond insists that we're only about practical technical superiority. I don't think thats true. Nor do I think we'd be better off if we where.

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