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Google Summer of Code 2007 kicks off

Google Summer of Code 2007 kicks off

Posted Apr 26, 2007 23:32 UTC (Thu) by Duncan (guest, #6647)
Parent article: Google Summer of Code 2007 kicks off

I'm glad someone saw this need and decided to fill it. =8^)

Seriously. Ongoing sponsorship is one thing, and the community has many
sponsors that have helped make available a lot of code far faster than it
would have been otherwise, but this Google Summer of Code thing is unique,
and fills a need at the entry and exposure level that wasn't being filled,
before. The profile on the project is incredible -- that the T-shirt is
even mentioned is a good example of that. That means there's a /lot/ of
students now seriously considering FLOSS work that may not have done so
before, by simple exposure to the idea even if they don't directly
participate. Get 'em young, as they say. =8^)

One wonders, in 2015, a decade from the first Google SoC, how many by then
up and comers in the community will be able to trace their involvement in
some way to the program. It's certainly creating a lasting legacy any
company should be proud to have. Sure, the contributed code gives a
lasting boost to many projects as well, but that's barely the beginning of
it if the program serves to introduce new developers to a lasting
involvement with the community, where they may well have been forever
locked away in proprietaryware projects otherwise.

Then there's the student's perspective. That GSoC experience is going to
look very good on their resume/CV, and it's something a relatively few can
put there. It's an introduction to a community with a lot of job leads,
AND they get paid for their trouble. =8^)

So we have huge benefits all around. Google's getting tons of positive
PR, in addition to the code and general improvement of the community they
can benefit from. The community is getting both the new code and in many
cases new lifetime involvement from developers that may otherwise have
gone to "the dark side". And the involved student developers are getting
something great for the resume PLUS an introduction to a whole different
area of the job market, PLUS they are getting paid for their trouble!

It's a win, win, win situation all around. Google's lucky to have found
the spot available, the slot not already filled, because the positive PR
from this is something they certainly couldn't buy with the same few
millions spent in ads or the like, and what's even better is that it's a
favorable impression with people likely to be well placed in a few years
to return the favor, throwing business Google's way. The next company
wanting to make a similar contribution for a similar PR and practical
bonus will just have to find some other niche to fill. =8^)


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