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Re: About The GNOME Mobile & Embedded Initative

From:  Jeff Waugh <>
To:, Dave Neary <>
Subject:  Re: About The GNOME Mobile & Embedded Initative
Date:  Mon, 23 Apr 2007 03:17:52 -0700
Archive-link:  Article, Thread

<quote who="Joachim">

> Fair enough. I suppose that's just a cultural difference between us,
> because to me those sorts of words make me think what I'm hearing is
> buzzword laden bullshit that dodges the issues at hand. But that's one of
> the unique parameter we have to work with, right?

Perhaps this is a good learning exercise for you: Try to reserve judgement
until you've met other people in the flesh.

> No, what I was asking was for the board and perhaps the whole of Gnome to
> say whether it needs a marketing team, and what it wants it to do.

The "whole of GNOME" isn't going to say something like that. Go to any group
of people within GNOME and you're likely to get a subtly different answer.
We make things happen by taking the reins, establishing buy-in, and kicking
arse. Not by waiting to receive blessing or permission.

> I suck at marketing because I'm a crap liar.

I'm not sure that's a useful attitude to have, if you wish to participate in
this list. I try to assume good before bad, but you are making it hard for
me to believe your intent with this remark is good.

> See what I said above. If you want a marketing team, treat it as such. If
> not, that's fine too. But let us know either way.

I want a group of people who have initiative, drive and passion to do stuff
for GNOME that could, in some way, be described as marketing. But I know,
having had some experience with volunteer projects, that we're not going to
raise such a team by granting random blessings or permission.

- Jeff

Open CeBIT 2007: Sydney, Australia    
      "Trying to get a PC to analyse one of the most abstract forms of
   language - the poem - is like trying to drill for oil with a banana."
                               - The Register

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