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GNU/Busybox ?!?

GNU/Busybox ?!?

Posted Mar 22, 2007 17:18 UTC (Thu) by NigelK (guest, #42083)
In reply to: GNU/Busybox ?!? by bronson
Parent article: The road to freedom in the embedded world

I still follow the site, but I don't contribute anymore. The tipping point was the deletion of posts critical of the FSF and of the GPL3 - you can only be neutral or positive about either, and if you criticize the GPL3, you're told your views don't matter because it doesn't exist yet.

People pointing out the contradictions between "software patents are being awarded for trivial pieces of code" and "Linux (however you define it) cannot possibly infringe patents" also got silenced and their posts deleted.

So I basically now just read it for the information, and not the editorial. She doesn't understand the tech, nor the industry, so her value is only in the lawsuit coverage.

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GNU/Busybox ?!?

Posted Mar 22, 2007 18:25 UTC (Thu) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

Of course she's never ever said that she's not a techie. (Only in, oh, virtually every article touching on tech matters. But I can see how you might have missed that.)

GNU/Busybox ?!?

Posted Mar 22, 2007 19:08 UTC (Thu) by NigelK (guest, #42083) [Link]

The point isn't that she's pretending to be a techie. The point is that she doesn't understand the technical issues, and yet feels comfortable writing sensational incorrect conclusions on matters she doesn't understand, yet she feels able to speak for the community on these subjects.

GNU/Busybox ?!?

Posted Mar 23, 2007 14:28 UTC (Fri) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

As far as I'm aware she's writing a popular bloggy thing. She didn't in
some way *insist* that people Let Her Speak For The Community: she's in
that position de facto because a large number of people think she's worthy
of it. It's not a position that it's possible to `resign' from (without
entirely ceasing to write anything publically visible!)

That's how the rank structure we don't have works. My apologies that the
collective opinions of the net didn't gravitate you, with your
scintillating opinions based mostly on wishful thinking, to the position
of people that other people listen to.

GNU/Busybox ?!?

Posted Mar 23, 2007 14:49 UTC (Fri) by NigelK (guest, #42083) [Link]

Wow, you make popular unqualified bloggers sound more important than people who actually know what they're talking about. I'll leave you (and others like you) to wallow and panic in your collective ignorance.

GNU/Busybox ?!?

Posted Mar 23, 2007 15:20 UTC (Fri) by NigelK (guest, #42083) [Link]

As an exercise for the reader, read through the Groklaw articles and count the instances of phrases along the lines of

* "The community doesn't want that."

* "The community doesn't work like that."

* "CommunityMemberFooBar is not acting in the interests of the community."

She seems to write about what the community wants, and yet her views only represent a small part of it these days.

GNU/Busybox ?!?

Posted Mar 26, 2007 12:59 UTC (Mon) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

The only panicker (and conspiracy theorist) on this thread seems to be you.

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