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Gtk+ versus Qt

Gtk+ versus Qt

Posted Mar 22, 2007 8:43 UTC (Thu) by myopiate (guest, #41091)
In reply to: Gtk+ versus Qt by BlueLightning
Parent article: The road to freedom in the embedded world

I stand corrected :)

But if I want to use Qt, my software still has to be GPL (or FSF compatible) or I need to pay for a commercial license. Does this promote free software, or is it a sales pitch?

In modern computing, a windowing toolkit is amlost as ubiquitous as Libc. Would GNU Libc be where it is today if it were GPL or pay money?

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Gtk+ versus Qt

Posted Mar 22, 2007 10:49 UTC (Thu) by BlueLightning (subscriber, #38978) [Link]

FSF or OSI approved licenses. That covers a huge range of licenses. If you want something else, it's likely that you're trying to do something that would allow people to bypass the commercial Qt licensing.

The fact of the matter is, Qt would not be where it is today without the money that Trolltech gets from commercial licensing.

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