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GNU/Busybox ?!?

GNU/Busybox ?!?

Posted Mar 22, 2007 1:59 UTC (Thu) by JoeBuck (guest, #2330)
In reply to: GNU/Busybox ?!? by landley
Parent article: The road to freedom in the embedded world

GCC's copyright is owned by the FSF, and at all times during the egcs development fork GNU standards were followed and copyright assignments were collected, because the egcs team wanted to reduce the number of forks (absorbing pgcc and the like).

RMS is still the guy who started GCC and was the release manager for all versions up through 2.5.something. He can sometimes be annoying, but part of the reason he tries so hard to get credit is because of the large number of people who want to minimize his contributions and write him out of history.

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