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Posted Mar 18, 2007 18:02 UTC (Sun) by anonymous1 (guest, #41963)
In reply to: GNU/Busybox ?!? by landley
Parent article: The road to freedom in the embedded world

> It's very much NOT a gnu project

And nobody said it was. There is GNU software in the distribution. Give them credit for it. Call it GNU+Busybox or Busybox+GNU

>Stallman claimed credit for this (patch) code

Can you give me a link to such a claim?

> Stallman's been marginalized because he hasn't done anything new
> for 15 years

I guess travelling the world incessantly and explaining people the importance of Free Software does not count.

>The GNU/Linux/Dammit thing is purely Richard Stallman's ego

"Some people think that it's because I want my ego to be fed. Of course, I'm not asking you to call it "Stallmanix". -RMS

I have friends who have done masters in CS but dont know FSF let alone RMS. Never heard of "Free Software" but did hear of "Open Source"

" Before that time, there was no complete free operating system, but there were many important parts of one and people would install them on top of non-free operating systems because they were not only free but also usually better. And when they did so, they realised they were installing these GNU programs, so they thought of themselves as fans or enthusiasts of GNU, and when they saw the articles that were in some of these packages, explaining the philosophy of Free Software, the same philosophy that I've been telling you today, they would think "Oh, this is the philosophy behind GNU, and I like GNU, I should read this." This didn't mean they would all agree with us, but at least they would pay attention to the arguments. They would give it serious consideration. So we had a chance to convince them, and if we did convince them, then they would feel a motivation to contribute to Free Software, to contribute to GNU. So the software spread the philosophy, and the philosophy extended the software.

Once people started using more-or-less the entire GNU system, and thinking it was Linux, then, using the GNU system no longer lead people to our philosophy - that I've told you today, the philosophy of the Free Software movement - instead it lead people to look at the philosophy of the developer of Linux." -RMS

> The GPLv2 is highly cool, but it's not code. You can't run it.

RMS most important contribution is the philosophy of Free Software. Apart from that, one of his best and IMO most important essay is "Misinterpreting Copyright"

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