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Why not a strait forward approach.

Why not a strait forward approach.

Posted Mar 16, 2007 17:31 UTC (Fri) by vmole (guest, #111)
In reply to: Why not a strait forward approach. by aashenfe
Parent article: RSDL hits a snag

Because such an approach is not, in fact, straight-forward. The current scheduler does attempt to identify "interactiveness" and boost such processes. The problem is that the heuristics involved are complicated and not at all obvious, leading to a lot of dissastifaction among the kernel developers; one gets the impression that Linus tolerated the current scheduler only because nothing better was available. There's a *lot* of enthusiasm on the lkml for RSDL, I doubt a few corner case regressions will keep it out, because *all* of the schedulers have bad corner cases, and making them more complicated doesn't seem to prevent that, it just moves them around.

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