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Posted Mar 16, 2007 2:46 UTC (Fri) by njs (guest, #40338)
In reply to: Xorg by vmole
Parent article: RSDL hits a snag

> exec nice -5 "$@"

I believe you mean:

exec nice -5 "$0" "$@"

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Posted Mar 16, 2007 17:25 UTC (Fri) by vmole (guest, #111) [Link]

Oops. You're absolutely correct. Sorry about that, to anyone trying this at home.


Posted Mar 27, 2007 23:29 UTC (Tue) by efexis (guest, #26355) [Link]

Only if you want a script which perpetually exec's itself... otherwise, you'll need to put the absolute path in to the original binary it's meant to be calling, or drop the location of the script from the PATH env.

eg, for background running tasks, such as make:
exec nice 5 "/usr/bin/$0" "$@"

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