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Kernel events without kevents

Kernel events without kevents

Posted Mar 15, 2007 13:26 UTC (Thu) by pphaneuf (subscriber, #23480)
In reply to: Kernel events without kevents by k8to
Parent article: Kernel events without kevents

Note also how the whole "abandoned" deal limits the number of objects that can be watched to something like 127. Yeah, there is indeed subject for crying. :-)

fds aren't that expensive, no. And really, anything blocking is subject to wanting to put it into select() or epoll, and locking a mutex can be quite blocking. What you'd want is a kind of "try lock" primitive, that would either take it right there (if it's unlocked), or if it couldn't, will make an fd ready when it could take it.

Note that you can already implement a semaphore (and thus a mutex, which is the binary semaphore special case, easily covered by a general semaphore), by using a pipe, as I "discovered" recently. The problem compared to futexes is that, if I am not mistaken, futexes only do a syscall in case of contention, where my trick does a syscall every time (it's be quick, but there I go for full disclosure).

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