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RHEL 5 released

It's official: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 is available. See the list of features to learn more about what's new.
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RHEL 5 released

Posted Mar 14, 2007 18:41 UTC (Wed) by dowdle (subscriber, #659) [Link]

I watched the hour or so of the live webcast that Red Hat did and I have to say, that it really didn't tell me much... but at least they tried.

Then I went to and clicked through some of the content there. I was picking up more details but not as much as I would have liked.

Then I found this article on Linux Format's website that really cleared up a lot of things:

RHEL 5 - from the new, more open Red Hat

Read it for yourself but basically...

Anyone who wants Red Hat on the desktop can get in the game for $80/year.

Anyone who wants Xen virtualization with up to 4 guest OSes can now have that for less than their previous single OS price.

Those who want unlimited Xen virtualization, clustering and cluster storage (GFS) can now get that for some same approx. price they used to charge for just RHEL AS.

Red Hat Network will now update and manage/provision Xen virtual machines.

So, you get more for less.

Red Hat also simplied its support agreement and vows to be more transparent to the community with concrete efforts. The details of these take additional reading but I'm sure the story will get out RSN.

RHEL 5 released

Posted Mar 14, 2007 20:10 UTC (Wed) by dowdle (subscriber, #659) [Link]

Hmmm, seems Slashdot is linking to the article now... and as a result... the site is non-responsive. :(

Ok, how about viewing some of these flash videos:

RHEL 5 released

Posted Mar 14, 2007 20:20 UTC (Wed) by mgalgoci (subscriber, #24168) [Link]

The site is quite responsive.

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