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Paradigma Software announces Valentina Server Beta 1

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Subject:  Paradigma Software Announces Beta 1 of Valentina Server for Linux
Date:  Mon, 12 Mar 2007 22:17:55 -0700

Paradigma Software Announces Beta 1 of Valentina Server for Linux


March 13, 2007. Beaverton, Oregon-based Paradigma Software, Inc, the developers of the ultra-fast
database Valentina, announces the availability of Valentina Server Linux Edition beta 1 for
immediate download.

Valentina is a pioneering database system that, built on a unique object-relational model,
outperforms almost all commercially available database servers – disk based or RAM based. Recent
customer provided data compares equivalent search operations with mySQL server at five minutes to
complete, down to five seconds with Valentina Server. Hours become minutes, minutes become seconds
with Valentina.

Valentina database products, available on Windows and MacOS X, are based on the unique Valentina
database engine – an object-relational database engine known for extreme speed. When porting to
Valentina, hours become minutes, minutes become seconds when it comes to storing, retrieving and
querying databases. Valentina supports all modern standards – native Unicode, XML import/export and
ODBC connectivity.

Technology beta 1 of Valentina for Linux includes: Valentina C++ application developer kit,
Valentina Embedded Server on Linux, Valentina for Revolution (Linux) and Valentina for REALbasic
(Linux). Valentina Developer Network Platform Edition includes a set of tools for all supported
operating systems of one development environment – and allows deployment of Valentina Embedded
Database Server by developers, royalty free, VDN Platform Edition sells for $599.

Valentina C++ Application Developer Kit for Linux includes a local runtime and supporting header
files for building C++ based applications for deployment on x86-based Linux distributions with gcc
4.0.2 and libstdc++ 4.0.2. Both SuSE Desktop and Red Hat distributions will be officially
supported. Other distributions may be supported on release, as time allows.

Valentina Office Server for Linux is also under development. Valentina Office Server is business
ready and supports all modern standards, including XML import/export with easy conversion from
mySQL, native Unicode, secure SSL connections, ODBC connectivity and more. It also supports
advanced features such as encrypted, compressed, packet based communications, built in picture
compression, and easy management through the included visual browsing and administration tool,
Valentina Studio. Valentina Office Server has built in support for PHP 4/5 scripting and the Ruby
on Rails framework. Valentina Office Server SMB costs only $299.

Valentina ADKs and VDN on Windows and MacOS X are available for most development tools on those
platforms, including Runtime Revolution, Adobe Director, Cocoa/Objective-C, C++ (xCode, MS Visual
Studio), REALbasic, .net framework, COM, PHP, Ruby and ODBC. 

About Paradigma Software, Inc

Founded in 1998, Beaverton, Oregon-based Paradigma Software, Inc is the leading provider of
incredibly fast and robust database solutions for business and development. Valentina 2 technology
powers solutions as diverse as graphics applications from major Japanese electronics companies to
solutions supporting US public schools. Paradigma Software solutions are available for every major
development environment on the Windows and Macintosh platforms.


Paradigma Software
Ph. (503) 574-2776

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