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A dozen tips for testing free software ( has some tips for software testers. "One of the best ways you can participate in the free and open source software (FOSS) revolution is by helping to test software and reporting bugs and issues to project developers to help them improve their code. Even in the wild and woolly, sometimes undisciplined approach to development that we see in FOSS projects, there are ways to test more effectively. Here are more than a dozen tips suggested by testing gurus and developers that can help you become a successful tester."
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A dozen tips for testing free software (

Posted Mar 13, 2007 19:58 UTC (Tue) by JoelSherrill (subscriber, #43881) [Link]

I think it is important to remind everyone that you are only new once. New users catch mistakes in documentation, odd quirks in behavior, etc that more seasoned users tend to overlook. It is similar the problems you miss when testing your own software or proofreading your own writing. You see what you expect to see. Developers should ask themselves what needs to change so the next user doesn't make the same mistake.

Newbies are the best usability labs we have.

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