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pg_live announcement

From:  Robert Bernier <>
To:, David Fetter <>
Subject:  [ANNOUNCE] pg_live announcement
Date:  Thu, 8 Mar 2007 06:15:06 -0500
Cc:  Robert Treat <>

Hi all, 

I've made an application on the postgres announcement page but I'm also
passing on this information via email.

I'm announcing the latest version of pg_live which is now available for




Pg_live is a free Linux Live CD community project. It is an enhanced
adaptation of one of the Ubuntu family of distributions, known as Xubuntu,
and has been designed and optimized expressly for the PostgreSQL Database
administrator and enthusiast.

Pg_live is designed to introduce to both the general public and the
experienced DBA to the possibilities of PostgreSQL. Originally created for
OSCON 2004, pg_live development continues and is used today as a teaching aid
and as a marketing tool for the community at conferences and tech-shows
throughout the world.

Describing all of what pg_live contains would make for a very long and boring
announcement. Therefore, I'll try to give as brief and as descriptive a
breakdown of what it has.

The pg_live Live CD uses an xcfe GUI environment. It boots, by default, with
three active services: a PHP enable Apache webserver, SSH and of course a
running instance of PostgreSQL.

The PostgreSQL server has been precompiled with the following procedural
languages: plpgsql, plperl, pltcl, plpython, plruby, pljava and plr.

SLONY replication, and connection pooling via pgpool is present.

As can be inferred by the procedural languages, pg_live also contains a
number of programming environments with the relevant connectivity libraries
permitting access into postgres i.e. R, tcl, python, perl and java (JDBC).

Three clients are present: psql, pgadmin3 and phppgadmin.

Finally, pg_live has thousands of pages of reference documentation, both in
English and in French. These include the default postgres references as well
as a number of diverse howto's.

Thanks to the kind support from the New York City BSD User Group (NYCBUG,
which is pronounced "Nice-Bug") you can download pg_live at;SUBM=10101

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