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Midgard Weekly Summary #69: March 8th 2007

From:  "Henri Bergius" <>
Subject:  Midgard Weekly Summary #69: March 8th 2007
Date:  Thu, 8 Mar 2007 16:28:21 +0200

Midgard Weekly Summary #69: March 8th 2007

This week's MWS is a bit thin because of time constraints. This means
some interesting things like MidCOM's new style editor will be left to
MWS #70.

Happenings this week

* Midgard talk in Norway. [Henri Bergius][4] will be talking about
_Midgard CMS - building a business around an open source application
developed as a joint venture between multiple companies_ in the [Open
Source in Business][5] conference arranged by [Den Norske
Dataforening][6] in Kristiansand on March 29th

* SyncML in OpenPsa. Thanks to [Juhana Hirvilahti][12], [latest CVS
checkout][10] of OpenPsa's [SyncML plugin works][11] for synchronizing
Midgard-based calendars with various mobile devices. The plugin runs
inside [Funambol's SyncML framework][9]

* Multilingual content management. Midgard supports [Multilingual
content management][13] very nicely in [MidCOM 2.7][14]. Jerry Jalava
[reports on his implementation][15]

* No MWS next week. I'm off hunting [willow grouse][7] in [Lapland][8]
next week.

About Midgard

Midgard CMS is an Open Source Content Management System built on top
of the Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) platform. It provides a
reliable, powerful and internationalized set of tools for building web
sites and networked applications.

Midgard utilizes PHP as the web scripting language and provides
integration interfaces on Java and C layers. Midgard's unique
architecture enables it to provide services like single sign-on and
replication. With these capabilities and the integrated full-text
search system, Midgard is an excellent match for information-rich web
sites and intranets.

Places to see Midgard in Action:

* <>
* <>
* <>
* <>
* <>
* <>

About MWS

[Midgard Weekly Summaries][1] is a newsletter for keeping up with the
happenings in the Midgard community.

The new MWS editions are edited collaboratively to make the editing
burden easier. To suggest stories here bookmark them with [
tag "midgardweeklysummary"][2]. Screenshots may also be suggested by
tagging them with ["midgardweeklysummary" on Flickr][3].

[4]: bergie

Henri Bergius
Motorcycle Adventures and Free Software

Skype: henribergius

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