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NetXen announces Linux Sockets Acceleration

From:  "Erica Dooley" <>
To:  "Erica Dooley" <>
Subject:  NetXen Announces Linux Solution
Date:  Tue, 6 Mar 2007 09:05:21 -0800




Intelligent NIC offers industry's first Linux socket acceleration
solution that requires no modifications to the OS kernel or applications


Santa Clara, Calif., March 6, 2007 - NetXen, Inc., the leader in
multi-protocol 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE
<> ) technology, today
introduced Linux Sockets Acceleration(tm) (LSA), a solution that
delivers far higher network performance while greatly reducing host CPU
overhead. It is the first network acceleration solution for Linux that
requires no modifications to the kernel, host TCP stack or applications,
and can offload both user- and kernel-mode applications. NetXen's LSA is
also the first solution to support NIC and offload modes simultaneously.


The new Linux offload solution follows a Microsoft Chimney solution
previously announced by NetXen <> .
With these products, NetXen is the only vendor to provide stateful
network acceleration for both Windows and Linux. Stateful functions
represent 70 to 80 percent of the network processing workload, yet
competing solutions do not handle these functions. Now for the first
time, NetXen gives IT departments a single solution that dramatically
improves network performance for both Linux and Windows machines.


NetXen's Intelligent NIC
<> (tm) delivers these
unique advantages by providing a complete set of 10GbE acceleration
capabilities on the NIC. These capabilities cover not only the datapath,
but connection set-up and teardown, connection state management, and
error handling. This socket-level acceleration allows users to take
advantage of the OS stack bypass without recompiling the Linux kernel or
modifying applications. Simply by plugging in the card and loading
drivers, users nearly double network performance for 1500-byte packets
while decreasing CPU utilization by a factor of two.


In addition to providing full socket-level acceleration, the LSA
solution <>  allows
users to run NIC and TCP modes simultaneously with NetXen's Selective
Acceleration(tm) technology. With Selective Acceleration, any
specialized applications that benefit from using host-based protocols
can continue to do so under user control.


"IT departments demand consistent networking features and functions
across OS platforms in heterogeneous environments," said Sanjeev
Jorapur, vice president of technology at NetXen. "By providing complete,
stateful network acceleration for both Linux and Windows, we're helping
IT managers to easily maintain cross-platform consistency in features
and transparency in virtualized environments. This is an important
capability for next-generation datacenters
<> ."


"The HP BladeSystem c-Class design featuring the industry-breakthrough
Virtual Connect technology provides wire-once simplicity for data
centers," said Dwight Barron, chief technologist, BladeSystem Division,
HP. "NetXen's intelligent 10-Gigabit network for Linux and Windows is
consistent with our vision of converged Ethernet fabrics that are simple
to deploy and manage."


"The NetXen solution measurably improves network throughput and
processor efficiency without requiring changes to the system, stack or
applications. Additionally, because the solution is programmable, it can
evolve to keep up with changes in networking technology," said Dr.
Steven Hunter, chief technology officer of IBM BladeCenter. "This is a
key technology breakthrough which will help drive mainstream adoption of
10GbE and advanced offloads in the future."


"NetXen's Linux Loadable Kernel Module is the only way to get this done
for real production environments," said Jeffrey M. Birnbaum, CEO of
60East Technologies and former managing director, global head of
enterprise computing, and chief technology architect in Morgan Stanley's
Institutional Securities Division. "This is an elegant solution for
Linux network acceleration, and NetXen has taken major strides toward
the emerging paradigm of 10GbE high-bandwidth, low-latency networking
combined with multicore computing unburdened by TCP processing. The
NetXen solution is the first to bring balance to the division of labor
between compute and network." 


For more information on the benefits of Linux Sockets Acceleration see
NetXen's whitepaper, "Linux Sockets Acceleration: Maximizing Efficiency
and Performance in the Data Center," available at




NetXen's Intelligent NIC products are currently shipping to leading
server OEMs.


About NetXen, Inc.


NetXen, Inc. is a privately-held company that manufactures intelligent
10-Gigabit Ethernet networking chips that advance enterprise datacenter
performance and agility. Founded in February 2002 by chip design veteran
Govind Kizhepat, the company is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif.,
with an office in Pune, India. NetXen's protocol- and OS-agnostic
Intelligent NICs are designed for volume 10-Gigabit deployments and are
targeted at server, storage, security and networking systems. Additional
information about the company and its patented chip architecture is
available at <> .


# # # 


NetXen, the NetXen logo, and Intelligent NIC are trademarks of NetXen,
Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

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