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Who wrote 2.6.20?

Who wrote 2.6.20?

Posted Mar 2, 2007 21:43 UTC (Fri) by kolyshkin (guest, #34342)
Parent article: Who wrote 2.6.20?

In fact, the previous error (if it's your error, not mine) is not that big.

The big one is the first table, the number of changesets by Josef Sipek. You got 79 for him, but there are 29 more patches by a "different" author, Josef "Jeff" Sipek. That makes the number 108, and the second position.

The bare command line I have used, if anybody is wanting to repeat it, is

$ git-log v2.6.19..v2.6.20 --no-merges --pretty=short | egrep ^Author: | \
sed s/\<.*$// | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr > top-authors-2.6.20

It is stupid and does not account for "different" authors -- I noticed that "manually".

Of course, first you need to clone linux 2.6 source git tree:

mkdir linux-2.6
cd linux-2.6
git-clone git://

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